The Grand Egyptian Theater

Where ancient civilization combines with modern technology to deliver an aural and visual elation.

It is as if you are stepping back in time, the entrance appears as if you are entering into an ancient Egyptian pyramid.  The sloped entrance to the theater is made from travertine tiles that are offset to give a more authentic look.  Flanking the tomb door are two Sphinx statue temple guardians.  As the large soundproofed tomb door opens, you are greeted with Egyptian hieroglyphs from the Karnak temple complex.

As you look to the right, life size statues of Anubis and the Guardian King Tut (with crook and flail) flank the 104” ultra-wide film format (2.35 to 1) movie screen.  The statues are perched upon homemade acoustical bass traps to improve room acoustics.  Additional Egyptian figures of Thoth, Bastet, and Horus are perched upon acoustic pillars.

The room provides an acoustically superb environment for watching movies and listening to high-resolution music.

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The equipment rack is controlled by an Anthem AVM-60 Processor (11.2 Pre-Amplifier with Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X™, ARC™ Anthem Room Correction) and feeds two solid state amplifiers.  The main amplifier powering the bed speakers is a 5 channel Nord Acoustics – Nord One NC502 (5 channel Hypex NCore modules with 500Wrms into 4 Ohms); the surround amplifier is an Emotiva UPA-7 (7 channel 185Wrms into 4 Ohms) powering the 2 rear and 4 in-ceiling surround speakers.  Sources for sound and video include an Oppo BDP-105 (Audiophile DVD-A, SACD, HiRes), a Panasonic DP-UB820 (4K Blu-ray), and NVidia Shield TV Pro (streaming audio/video).  In total the theater room has 13 speakers, with three full range Monitor Audio Silver 500 speakers, two full range primary surround Monitor Audio Silver C350 (centre channels mounted vertically), two Monitor Audio Silver FX rear surrounds, four Monitor Audio C380-IDC in-ceiling speakers, and two Velodyne Digital Drive Plus subwoofers (10” and 12” models).

Special thanks to Ayreborn Audio Video, Nord Acoustics, and Cleopatra’s Bedroom for selling equipment.

The Grand Egyptian Theater project took over one year to complete (19 years less than Khufu’s Great Pyramid of Egypt).

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